From nature back to nature

A Traceable Rug

What is traceability?


Traceability is one of the key factors when taking responsibility for the products we produce. It is driven by a demand to know what you are buying. A label describing the material and country of production is not enough.
We are now tracking every step on how our rug Una is made. It is only through transparency that we can produce in a conscious and sustainable way. It helps you to make an informed decision about what kind of products you want to buy.



The Una rug is handwoven. 80 % of the rug is made of certified wool from New Zealand. The farming in New Zealand is of high quality and the wellbeing of the sheep is an essential part of this. The cotton warp we use is of BCI cotton (Better Cotton Initiative).

Milling – From wool to yarn

The combing, spinning, twisting and dyeing are processes that are energy, water and chemical intensive.  All these processes are therefore now done in a closed certified unit that takes into consideration all three aspects. The energy is green energy (hydro generated), water is re-cycled and purified. All chemicals that are used are of highest quality and REACH compliant.


The weaving of the rugs is done on our own looms. The human factor is as important as the environmental for sustainable production. To ensure good and regulated working conditions the looms are audited by an independent agency. It also means that the weavers have health insurance, annual bonuses, paid leave and retirement benefits to mention some the most important.

Take good care of your rug

Taking care of your rug is important to prolong its life. Vacuum cleaning on low power and without a beater brush is the best and easiest way of maintaining your rug. Occasionally rotate the rug so it will wear evenly over the whole surface. We recommend the use of a rug underlay to increase comfort.
Since our rug Una is made of 100 % natural material it is 100% recyclable and will never cause any harm to nature when it finally is laid to rest.
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