– All products are handmade – 

We believe that handmade products are more beautiful and that there are no better way to express creativity. The joy to work with expert craftsmen is amazing, it makes our lives more fascinating. Our ambition is to collaborate with local artisans to support their skills.

Hand embroidered cushion covers

The hand embroidered cushion covers are made in Kashmir, a strikingly beautiful part of the Himalayan Mountains that has a rich tradition in woolen hand embroidery. This centuries old tradition is passed on from generation to generation and often done by men. We work closely with these expert craftsmen to produce unique products. The sense of design and colour is expressed skillfully through their needlework. The embroidery is done in New Zealand woolen thread on cotton and velvet.


Hand printed linen cushion covers

The linen cushion covers are made of a special 2 ply linen woven at a small cottage industry in the Indian region of Bihar. The hand printing of the fabric takes place in our factory outside Delhi. Silk screens are used for printing. The screens are made by hand by craftsmen which can take up to 8 hours. The fabric is then laid out on a table that is about 20 meters long. The colour is mixed by the colour master and then applied to the screen. Two experienced printers on each side of the table skillfully move the screen along the fabric which is then dried in the intense Indian sun . Almost no water is used in this traditional printing method.


Velvet cushion covers

Intricate and skillful details made by hand are a signature of our velvet cushion covers. Ranging from the dori technique to applique and embroidery these cushion covers blend in beautifully with the linen range. The hand work is done in our factory outside of Delhi with a group of skillfull tailors who have an eye for detail



In Uttar Pradesh carpets has been woven since the 17th century. Our dhurry carpets are woven on traditional Punja weaving looms. The looms are operated by hand and skillful weavers give life to a variety of our designs. These carpets are known for their durability and beauty. The carpet collection also includes hand woven carpets with pile and hand tufted carpets. We use high quality New Zealand wool in all our woolen carpets.


Indoor/outdoor carpets and cushions

Our collection of hand woven carpets made by recycled PET bottles (polyester) and hand printed cushions in pure cotton, are perfect for any area of your home indoors and outdoors. The cushions are first hand printed then treated with a water repellent coating similar to that used in clothing. Complete with the fillers the cushions have taped seams (as in all-weather jackets) to prevent water from entering the polyester filling. The carpets are hand woven in a soft polyester yarn made from recycled PET bottles. This quality that is perfectly suited to the outdoors (and indoors) as it tolerates rain well and dries quickly in sunlight.

Door Mat Herring Bone Grey

Bed linen

Our bed linen is made in Tamil Nadu in south India. The cotton is organic and produced according to the GOTS standard (The Global Organic Textile Standard). GOTS is the leading independent certification for organic textiles meeting high standards in environmental and social criteria.

The hand printing of the classic cotton percale weave follows the same process as the printing of our linen cushion covers. All done by expert artisans.

Haveli bed linen and Blue cushions